Xeptshonal Designs

At Xeptshonal Designs our aim is to listen to our clients and interpret their vision, wants and needs, into very affordable, practical and productive, user friendly web site’s, that are unique to each individual. Your Vision is only restricted by your own imagination..

In a world wide web full of ‘Free design sites’ and ‘Do-it-yourself’ mash ups, individuality is compromised for the sake of a few dollars. The number one rule of business is being overlooked in an attempt to cut corners.. The aim is to have your business STAND OUT.. not fade into the background as many have done.

IF you are selling a premium product, don’t try to promote it with a less than premium facade.

Your web site is meant to reflect you and your business, meant to work for you.. think about the quality of employee you would like to have representing you and your business to the world. That’s what your web site does.



Having a web site built is not as scary as some might have you think. It is like purchasing a property really - SIGN, PROPERTY, HOUSE. (see images - right)

1.  The domain name is like the sign with your property name, that hangs on your front gate.. 2.  The web site hosting is your little piece of the world wide web, like your own property. 3.  Then there is the web site itself, this is like the house that sits on your property.

Web site content is like furniture in your house.. you supply all of it and we will act like interior decorators and place the content in such a way to compliment the design and best promote your product..

We guarantee a pain free Web Site set up experience..


Some Web site developement companys will give you lists of what you can and can't have, limits on the amount of 'Email Accounts', 'band width usage', 'sub domain names'.. blah blah blah .. and the list goes on.. Simply put, these limits are to make them feel better about charging you more for the "3 or 4 different types of hosting packages" with restrictions they put in place. We don't!! Hosting is hosting is hosting.. If you want it, ask us and we will do our best to accomate your needs.


Services we offer :

  • Domain Name Purchase
  • Web Site Hosting / Email Accounts
  • Web Site Design and Build
  • Business Branding:
    • Logo Design
    • Business Card Design
    • Letterhead Design
    • Email Banner Design
    • Advertising Banner Design
    • Magazine & Print Adverts
    • Brochures / Booklets
    • Promo Folders
    • Post Cards
    • Special Occasion Cards
    • etc

Promotional Products we offer:

  • Banner Pens
  • Pens
  • USB keys
  • Key Rings
  • Beer Can Coolers
  • Mouse Pads
  • iPhone Covers
  • Note Pads
  • Fridge Magnets
  • any other promo product you require

We guarantee the most competitive prices in Australia for all promo products & if you can find it cheaper in Australia we will better it.

Extra Products:

  • Content Management
  • Image Manipulation
  • Photo Galleries
  • F.L.A.S.H. Banners/Gallery's etc
  • eCommerce / Shopping Carts
  • Data Base Development / Management
  • SSL / https

Extra Equine Products:

  • Breeding Contracts
  • Sale / Purchase Contracts
  • Lease Contracts
  • Foal Recording Sheets
  • Breeding Calendars